Our Approach

High-quality ingredients are the first step to making things taste good. Whether you are looking for a dessert, savory or dinner pie, Lucky Moon Pies uses the highest quality ingredients to create a fresh, homemade pie that has never been frozen for you and your loved ones.

Our Story

“We must have a pie. Stress cannot exist in the presence of pie.”
-David Mamet

Baking is what Emily Kroner does. Since she was a teenage girl, Emily has enjoyed bringing people together over a slice of pie or a home cooked meal. Now, after 8 years providing private clients with baked goods, Emily’s dream of owning a storefront has finally come.

And while providing customers with quality baked goods is her aim, Emily is also excited about sharing her day with friendly faces as they come in and out of the store.

Emily Kroner


Owner/operator who fulfilled a lifelong dream when she opened the shop inĀ  July, 2017. She will make anything, but especially takes delight in making pies. The Lucky Moon name was chosen in honor of her maiden name.

Fred Kroner

The other co-owner, he serves as the front-of-the-house manager and is usually the first person to greet customers. In his spare time, he also handles daily bookkeeping duties and Facebook menu postings.

Kathy Mayberry

Our newest staff member, who recently moved to Mahomet, she fills a void in our kitchen crew. She is a long-time cook and baker who brings restaurant experience to the shop.

Sydni Redding


She is a culinary grad who possesses a vast interest in all levels of cooking. She is always up for any challenge and is our go-to person for any stunning cake order

Kelly Ford Buchanan

A breath of fresh air who is always willing to step up and handle any task that needs to be started or completed, even after working a full day at her main job. Always leaves the shop spotless, too.

Kellie Clouse


She is a problem-solver who is not only great at suggesting new dessert options, but also has a talent for seasoning savory items. She is our queen of coffeecakes.

Lori Dick

One of our earliest hires, she loves cooking, cake decorating and menu planning. She is our go-to person for any cookie order. She takes great pride in organizing our display table.

Kaitlyn Hall


Our longest current employee, this active high school senior excels in tackling difficult projects that others would like to put aside. She loves the challenge.

Jen Scheele


She is a great addition to our staff and finds humor in everything. She quickly became our queen of cinnamon rolls and is always ready to tackle a new task.

Miranda Shobe

A high school senior, she brings much-needed creativity to our shop for cake pops, which is one of her specialties. She always has great ideas that customers eat up.

Abby Prince


She is a pie-lover with many years of baking experience. She enjoys spending her shifts making pies. She is also a great asset on social media and reaching out for group endeavors.